Certified Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Certification (CBC 101)

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Level Beginner

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  • Chinese

Lessons 9 Weeks

Credit Hours 70

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This course will cover the theoretical implementation of blockchains (PoW) that are used in major cryptocurrencies, as well as cryptocurrency financial instruments. The coverage includes industry trends and current developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It aims to provide students with exposure to the process of the blockchain settlement layer and to prepare students with practical knowledge of evaluating cryptocurrencies from a technical and financial front. The first half of the course will cover the applications and implementation of cryptocurrencies, and will include guest content from major cryptocurrency industry sectors (i.e. cryptocurrency exchanges, policy makers, blockchain researchers). The second half of the course will cover cryptocurrency financial mechanisms in detail, hands-on analysis of charts, as well as industry standards for portfolio security.

  • - Understand the consensus model (PoW) for blockchains
  • - Describe the key components of a blockchain ecosystem
  • - Familiarize with current developments in cryptocurrencies
  • - Learn from industry experts about operational sectors
  • - Technical and behavioral analysis of cryptocurrency price fluctuations
  • - Hands-on knowledge of financial tools for cryptocurrency exchange