Why You Should Get Certified

Inferno Infinity Academy offers certifications tailored-made for you to make a career in your industry and also benefit you financially. With our certification, you will earn the required knowledge to apply your skills to businesses and enterprises in various industries. Become a certified professional today!

About The Accreditors

Inferno Infinity Academy is a team of subject matter experts who specialize in different niche offering education and training to working people and students around the world. We are a Certified Body under National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) UK and working closely with our partner.

Certification Benefits

Inferno Infinity Academy certifies individuals who complete the course and have gone through the curated learnings and examination provided. After completion, you will be equipped with certification that allows you to build authority in your industry.

Level Guided Learning Hours (GLH) Total Qualification Time (TQT)

Maximum 35 Hours

Maximum 45 Hours

Total Hours 55 Hours

(Credits : 10)


Maximum 55 Hours

Maximum 75 Hours

Total Hours 85 Hours

(Credits : 20)


Maximum 65 Hours

Maximum 85 Hours

Total Hours 120 Hours

(Credits : 40)


Maximum 92 Hours

Maximum 102 Hours

Total Hours 145 Hours

(Credits : 60)


Maximum 120 Hours

Maximum 140 Hours

Total Hours 165 Hours

(Credits : 80)


Maximum 150Hours

Maximum 160 Hours

Total Hours 185 Hours

(Credits : 100)


Maximum 190 Hours

Maximum 210 Hours

Total Hours 265 Hours

(Credits : 120)